€ 1.49 for 2 samples. (in the Netherlands) 2 Samples because our Classic Line face cream actually is too beautiful to keep for yourself.
Ratu's 24-13 - Classic line - Day and Night face cream. This extraordinary cream is suitable for all skin types.
The luxury beautygift that is fun to give and fun to get. The Ceremonial Beautykit is a special beauty experience. Also available at Ratu's 24-13 Beauty Ceremonies.
Cleansing tonic
€ 19,95
The Ratu's 24-13 Cleansing tonic is a natural, mild tonic. Ideal to clean your face and prepare your skin for the Ratu's 24-13 beauty products. Feel fresh and clean every morning!
€ 5,- discount and free delivery in the Netherlands! This package includes the full Ratu's 24-13 facial care for each morning and evening.
The Ratu's 24-13 Cleansing Milk is a deliciously soft milk to clean your face and also to remove your make-up. Clean your face while not disturbing the natural balance of your skin.
Not to be missed in your bathroom! The Ratu's 24-13 cleansing products. 100% of natural origin, ICADA natural and Eco control certified.